Green Motors Practices Group
 "Craftsmen Saving Energy"

High Quality Rewinding?

Most, if not all motor service centers believe their service offering is the best available.

An EASA Accreditation audit and Membership will confirm that belief and provide strong evidence to customers and competitors of your company's higher quality and compliance to EASA AR100.


Green Motors' Service Center Membership

Members of the Green Motors Practices Group (GMPG) must agree to the following high level service goals/tasks:

  • Adopt and publish a company-wide shop quality policy, and communicate it with stakeholders (e.g. employees, customers, investors and vendors);
  • Commit to actively support customer/client motor driven system efficiency and reliability improvement(s);
  • Promote "continuing improvement" energy management practices of customer/clients;
  • Implement market messaging that includes simple life-cycle cost analysis;
  • Agree to announced and unannounced shop floor inspection by a GMPG audit representative;
  • Inform customers by identifying motors prior to repair, that may not retain efficiency and/or reliability after repairs have been completed;
  • Sales and shop floor personnel complete and document at least eight hours of continuing professional development training yearly;

In turn, the Green Motors Practices Group (GMPG) will:

  • Recognizing compliant Members with a Website listing;
  • Provide customer relationship and cooperative marketing materials;
  • Maintain the integrity of the Group by notifying members that do not adhere to the standards, that their status as a Member in good standing may be revoked. If corrective action has not occurred within six months of a deficiency notification, Group association and license to use GMPG branding privileges will terminate.