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High Quality Rewinding?

Most if not all motor service centers believe their service offering is the best available.

A qualified third party process audit may or may not confirm that belief.



Green Motor Initiative (GMI)

GMI is the first initiative of its kind, offering electric utility financed incentives to verified Member service centers and their customers who report rewound motors meeting the Green Motor Initiative (GMI) high process standards.  Motors wound to GMPG’s process return to within their original manufactured nominal efficiency values, known as a "Green Rewind".  While true green rewinds retain original nominal efficiency values, improvement beyond those values is simply NOT realistic or economically feasible. Therefore, we strongly suggest replacing core damaged and low quality lesser efficient motors with a higher performing NEMA Premium® when feasible.

The carefully crafted, reviewed by industry peers and approved by the Regional Technical Forum (RTF) originally in 2007 and again in 2013, specification and submittal documents are available for download from this Website’s “document” page without charge. It is our hope, that providing these and other resources electric motor end users and electric utilities obtain a rudimentary background to insist upon consistent higher quality motor repairs reducing the use of natural resources and emissions to create a new equivalent product. These documents alone won’t complete the task, it requires involvement and diligent demands and service center visits from knowledgeable consumers, power providers or qualified third party auditors.  

At this time GMI provides motor service center audit oversight by visiting, training and verifying Member motor service providers that have the necessary knowledge and equipment to produce rewinds equivalent to original manufactured product. Our services are available in North America where electric utilities are participating or motor end users demand oversight audits. Our verification services are available for a fee upon request or as other utilities work with us to implement GMI in their region. We believe GMPG’s oversight, involvement and training sets the table for end users, utilities and motor service centers to reach a market transformation tipping point where high quality repair/rewinding become the norm rather than the exception.


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