Green Motors Practices Group
Verifying "Craftsmen Saving Energy"

Continual Quality Improvement

Motor service centers looking to implement a quality assurance program may wish to consider "Continual Quality Improvement". In both the Green Motor Initiative and EASA Accreditation, motor repair/rewinding high quality is the goal. The following is an easy way to start:

  • Identify a staff member and team responsible for service center quality improvement;
  • Establish quality improvements "key performance indicators" KPI;
  • Layout a plan to continuously improve KPIs;
  • Continually and incrementally implement the plan and;
  • Utilize qualified vendors interested in helping you obtain KPIs.
For example, consider using EASA's Accreditation self-audit draft to determine KPIs. Responsible staff completes an EASA self-audit form of the motor service center establishing what's done and what needs to be done. Determine cost to complete each incremental item "to be done", prioritize using importance to the shop, available budget and timeline to complete. Then get started: