Green Motors Practices Group
        An EASA Accreditation Sanctioned Audit Firm

What They Are Saying About Us

From Atlanta, Georgia

"We recommend GMPG to any service center seeking EASA accreditation.  Our auditor shared a wealth of industry knowledge and guided us through the process, from start to finish, follow up and ensuring our company’s successful accreditation.   GMPG’s auditor took the time to understand the needs of our shop and provided us with impeccable service and support.  Their professionalism and expertise transformed a seemingly insurmountable tedious endeavor into a straightforward, informative, and rewarding process.  We are grateful for GMPG and the quality work they do!"

Chelsea Campbell,
Cole Electric Technology

From a Maryland motor service center:

"On behalf of Apparatus Repair and Engineering, thank you for the exceptional service your company provided in the independent evaluation of our company and procedures based upon the EASA Accreditation Process. We found your company to be very informative, comprehensive and impartial throughout the entire procedure. We look forward to working with you in the future to maintain our AC electric motor repair process and EASA Accreditation standards."

Kevin J. Miller
Apparatus Repair & Engineering,


A Wisconsin Service Center said this:

"It was great meeting GMPG's auditor and talking motors! He was very informative and knew exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it."

Chad Bahrs
Acme Armature Works


A Chicago area motor service center said:

"Thanks for doing your auditing as you do.  We gained from this process not only from our pre-audit but even more so from the GMPG auditor’s comments on our process.  Even though we thought we did a good job in our repair process, this audit process and the auditor’s personal efforts made us even better.”

George Flolo,
The Flolo Corporation,


A Salt Lake City motor service center said this about us:

"Energy Management Corp (EMC) selected the Green Motors Practices Group (GMPG) initially because we already had worked with them through their utility rewind incentive program.  We have always appreciated that they have extensive motor shop knowledge and the ability to work effectively at all levels in our organization.  They helped our team navigate through the entire EASA accreditation process, it was reinforced many times that selecting GMPG was the best choice for our shop.  Not only did they help us understand the value of any necessary changes but offered several suggestions of ways to accomplish the desired result that fit our buget.  While the audit process is somewhat rigid by nature and was not easy, we always felt that our GMPG/EASA auditor sincerely wanted us to succeed and was a helpful resource.  In addition, they were very easy to schedule and always considerate of our business needs.  I can recommend without reservation GMPG as an auditor for EASA accreditation."

Jim White
Energy Management Corporation,
VP & Chief Operations Officer


Another Chicago area motor service center said:

"Thank you for your help with Accreditation!!!! I am glad we chose GMPG as our auditor."

Megan Mullen
Apex Industrial Automation LLC,
Service Manager