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Save Travel Costs

After completing your EASA Accreditation application, if you let us know when you might be ready for your onsite audit, we'll list your vicinity here. By doing so, we may be able to bundle several audits in your area, which will reduce costs by sharing travel and expenses.

This page was initiated as a result of discussion during EASA's Q & A session in Boston June 30, 2014. Email your tentative location and date to:


With three convenient locations to serve you!


EASA Accreditation, GMPG Scheduling

Bundle your Accreditation onsite audit with these likely locations and rough dates:

  • Nashville, TN, 1st quarter, 2019
  • Arizona, 1st quarter, 2019
  • Southern California, 1st quarter, 2019
  • Alabama, 2nd quarter, 2019
  • Arkansas, 2nd quarter, 2019
  • Central California, 2nd quarter, 2019
  • Western Washington 2nd quarter, 2019
  • Texas, 2nd quarter, 2019
  • British Columbia, 2nd quarter, 2019
  • Las Vegas, June 28th to July
  • Texas, 3rd quarter, 2019
  • Western Oregon, 3rd quarter 2019
  • Georgia, 4th quarter, 2019
  • Wisconsin, 4th quarter, 2019
  • Louisiana, 4th quarter, 2019

 Auditor locations:

  • Kamloops, British Columbia Canada
  • Pinellas Park, Florida  USA
  •  Boise, Idaho  USA

If you know of a retired motor service center executive/manager, or motor service center experienced auditor you're using, located in the Central time zone or Australia and they would like to work as a contractor for us, let us know by email or give us a call. Preference to Spanish speaker!

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