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High Quality Repair/Rewinding?

Most, if not all motor service centers believe their service offering is the best available. An EASA Accreditation audit and Membership will confirm that belief and provide strong evidence to customers and competitors of your company's commitment to EASA AR100 and higher quality motor repair outcomes.

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EASA Accreditation Audit Services by GMPG

Our Objective

  • Provide clear-cut, transparent audit services resulting in a positive EASA Accreditation outcome;

  • Eliminate non-compliant surprises before traveling to your facility;

  • Use the onsite verification process to inform and encourage quality assuring shop practices;

  • Treat large and small service centers equally, tailoring messages appropriately;

  • Strictly maintain service center confidences.

Our Approach

  • Accreditation candidates complete a pre-audit self-evaluation prior to an auditor traveling to your site;

  • GMPG carefully reviews the pre-audit submittal;

    • Verifying shop instruments and equipment are calibrated and functional;

    • Questions and concerns are vetted and resolved before next-steps;

  • Audit cost estimate is established and an onsite appointment are mutually agreed upon;

  • The onsite audit begins with a pre-audit meeting, then shop-floor discover and verification followed by a post-audit meeting covering quality processes, jobs well-done and Q & A.

Our  Key Advantage

In addition to having experience in motor service center auditing, our auditors have many years firsthand motor service center experience managing and working on the shop-floor. We intimately understand and appreciate the repair/rewind process.