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EASA Accreditation Process with GMPG

Step by step...(click underlined titles below for EASA Accreditation documents or pages within this Website)

1.Will your service center meet audit requirements? Do an objective self-audit using the following: EASA Accreditation Program Audit Checklist and; the Checklist Explanation. Our experience suggests you pay particular attention to core loss, burn-off and bake oven calibration.

2. When your service center is ready by meeting "Checklist" criteria, apply by completing the EASA Accreditation Program Application and process.

3. If you select us (GMPG) to do your company's onsite audit, give us a call or purchase the Pre-onsite Audit evaluation from our Accreditation Payment Page

4. When paid we will provide our expanded Accreditation Audit Checklist in PDF or if requested a free App for Apple mobile products and submit your Pre-onsite Self-audit appraisal to

5. Once the expanded pre-onsite self-audit is evaluated by GMPG staff it will:

  •  Likely meet Accreditation requirements, we'll contact you with estimated total audit costs (including most cost effective travel and travel expense estimates) agree to date, time and payment.
  • Likely NOT meet Accreditation requirements, we'll contact you to explain our concerns and suggest remedies before next-steps are taken. There are no additional evaluation charges for an added review(s) of Pre-onsite Self-audit Checklist, we want you to be Accredited with one onsite visit). Once likely, see the first bullet.

6. A GMPG auditor arrives at the agreed date and time, conducts a short pre-audit meeting, goes through a service center discovery process following EASA's Checklist outline and completes the audit with a post discovery meeting. We suggest mechanical and rewind staff attend the post-audit meeting as often it is an excellent training opportunity.

7. In the unlikely event the service center does NOT meet the standards, we will notify you during the discovery process and later in writing, of the deficiency and corrective actions suggestions. Once corrected, every effort will be made to Accredit the service center upon correction while onsite or later with proof of compliance (e.g. receipt copy, webcast digital presence) without the need of another costly site visit.

8. After successfully completing the onsite audit we will forward to you and EASA a signed and dated Checklist copy. The date that appears on the completed Checklist becomes your "Anniversary" date and apart of your permanent EASA record, triggering a number of actions by EASA.

9. Each of the next two years you'll need to submit to GMPG a completed most recent version of the Accreditation Checklist. You will need to purchase an evaluation review (unless you purchased the complete package) prior to submitting the annual review for acceptance by GMPG. Once accepted, an annual signed and dated copy will be returned to you and sent to EASA, keeping your Accreditation in place.

10. Upon the third year...Go back to point one and we start all-over-again.

11. Happy Motoring!