Green Motors Practices Group
Verifying "Craftsmen Saving Energy"

GMPG has three North American auditor dispatch points


  • British Columbia, Canada;
  • Florida, USA
  • Idaho, USA.

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Motor Service Center Audit Services

GMPG provides a number of essential services, two of which occur onsite at the motor service center's facility and are, our most prominent offerings:

  • Green Motor Initiative (GMI) motor rewinding process/product verification and;
  • EASA Accreditation Auditing.

GMI focuses on staff training, equipment, instrumentation and rewind products maintaining original nominal efficiency values when completed. Compliance to GMPG's Motor Repairing Specification--2012 , failure event damage and test pass/fail threshold conducted during the repair/rewind process either eliminate three-phase motors from, or are identified with a nameplate as GMI compliant. If a rewound motor is identified as compliant and happens to be powered by a participating electric utility, an incentive is made available to the end user through the GMI verified Member service center. GMI service centers, reporting sufficient annual horsepower for utility incentives, receive their yearly onsite audit verification at no charge.

EASA Accreditation is an overarching motor service center audit of process equipment, instrumentation and staff training relevant to efficiency and reliability retention in three-phase motors. EASA/ANSI AR100-2010 specification and The effect of Repair/Rewinding on Motor Efficiency, EASA/AEMT Rewind Study and Good Practice Guide to Maintain Motor Efficiency, are the platforms which Accreditation audit specifics are derived. The EASA Accreditation offering was newly announced June 30, 2014 at EASA's Boston International Convention. We predict due to EASA's motor repair/rewinding authority internationally, it will not take long until EASA Accreditation  becomes the required standard of industry and commerce worldwide.

Note: The Green Motor Initiative and EASA Accreditation programs operate within GMPG independently of one-another, having different audit requirements. Obtaining one does not necessarily include the other.