Green Motors Practices Group
Verifying "Craftsmen Saving Energy"

About Us

Our objective is to promote and improve energy efficiency and reliability of motor-driven systems not just electric motors While sustaining efficiency in the motor repair/rewind process. Our service center auditing differentiates our members as does EASA's accredited service centers who deliver high quality finished products and services within their market. Green Motors Practices Group (GMPG), a non-profit organization, is supported by many North American utilities and continues recruiting both member motor service centers, electric utilities and energy efficiency organizations to participate in the Green Motor Initiative.

GMPG is supportive and appreciative of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc (EASA) and their ongoing national and international activities including their new EASA Accreditation offering. Many of GMPG's Board and Members are also members of EASA, however, membership in GMPG is not exclusive or limited to EASA members. We welcome any motor rewinding service centers who wishes to adhere to our process standards (e.g. GMPG Repair Specification-2012 and/or ANSI/EASA Standard-AR100-2015) , retaining efficiency and thereby improving electric motor reliability.


GMPG Board of Directors and Officers:

  • President, Steve Skenzick  of HPS Electrical Sales and Apparatus, Roseburg, Oregon, Email:
  • Vice President, Neil Spiers of Beaver Electrical Machinery, Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, E-mail:
  • Treasurer, Darold Winn of  Jasper Electric Motors, Jasper, Alabama, Email:
  • Secretary/Clerk, Jerry Gray of Sloan Electromechanical Service & Sales, San Diego, California, E-Mail:


2016-2017 GMPG Board Members:

  •  Donald Brithinee of Brithinee Electric, Colton, California, E-mail:
  •  Frank J Conci of AC Motor Electric Ltd., Penticton, British Columbia, E-mail:
  •  Bryan W. Klontz of Advanced Motor Technology, Pinellas Park, Florida, E-Mail:
  • Janet "Jan" Schmidlkofer of K&N Electric Motors, Inc., Spokane Valley, Washington, E-mail:

GMPG Board Advisor and Executive Director: